Champions will be chosen for Armored, Rapier, Archery, Equestrian, Arts and Sciences, Bardic arts and Brewing and Vintner. A Youth Rapier and Armored combat. A large covered period gaming area will be available and plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy the weekend!

A five star format will be used for members of the kingdom who wish to enter the competitions. Individual champions will be chosen to represent the barony for the next year.

An overall 5 STAR team will be the Argent Anniversary champions.

To enter, gather four of your best friends, enemies or both and compete in at least five competitions. Youth activities also count. Young members of our kingdom are able to compete in all activities listed if authorized. Theoretically a five person team of young people could win this 5 star event. Young members of the kingdom are encouraged to come and compete for prizes and fame! It is not a requirement to be on a team to compete, but what luster is lost when you have none to share the prize with!

The event will be held on the third weekend of September (19-20-21) 2014 at the Stone's of Raven's Fort.

The Stones of Raven's Fort site will open at 5:00 pm on Friday and close at 1:00 pm on Sunday. Gate will be open from 5:00 pm Friday to 12:00 am Saturday, then re-open from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday. All attending must sign in either at the gate or with the Event Steward after Gate closes on Saturday. Everyone must have their site token with them at all times.

Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. They may also attend with a 21 year or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver Form from the parents. The Stones of Raven's Fort is a primitive site with barrel water and Port−a−Cans. Please bring your own drinking water. Campfires will be allowed if weather permits.Pets are allowed on leashes with written proof of current rabies vaccination. Pets are not to be left unattended. Horses must show written proof of negative Coggins Test. Posted site rules & mundane laws will be enforced. You must be 21 or older to drink alcohol. Merchants are more than welcome.


Event schedule Argent Anniversary:

All vehicles will need to be placed in the parking lot before morning court. 

Friday, Sep. 19
Set up and preparations will be on going through out the day.

The gate opens at 4:00 pm. Be sure to wear your site token at all times to show you paid and signed the waivers at the gate.

Any children who wish to be authorized for "boffer" can get authorized Friday evening.
Please see Lady Alexandria.

The gate will close at 12 am.

Saturday, Sep. 20 
Gate will open at 7:00 am.
If you arrived and the gate was vacant please be sure to sign in at gate and sign the waivers. We ask that you wear your site token at all times.

The competition locations have slightly changed for this event. Please look at the site map for the location of the competitions you wish to participate in. 

8:00 am
Armor inspections and five team sign up with the minister of the lists begin. General last minute set up. 

9:30 am Morning greetings and explanation of the days competitions with TRM Sven and Antigone and TE Pasquale and Giovanna.

All competitions will begin shortly after morning court is recessed. Youth tourneys to run consecutively not concurrently. 

3:00 pm
 The Gate closes and waivers will be located at the kitchen for people to sign when they arrive at the event. 

4:00 pm All the competitions will be wrapping up. The Minister of the lists will close promptly. Any team tokens not checked in with him will not be counted. Under the gaming tent the Amazon Chattle auction will begin (Adults only please). 

 Awards and royal business in the feast area. 

 Feast to begin. 

 More awards and Royal business the Hafla and other fun activities will commence!

Sunday, Sep. 21
10:00am Closing court (tentative)
Site break down on-going. 

4:00 pm
 Site closes. You're tired, fuzzy headed or hung over, You need to go home now. Y'all come back and visit again.


AA Feast menu

  • Kingdom approved Cheese Goo
  • Assorted Butters and bread
  • Ham Quiche
  • Danish viking Beef Stew
  • Smoked fish
  • Salmon
  • Steppes Nomad Tzatziki sauce
  • Viking flatbreads
  • Roast beast
  • (Domesticated Russian Boar Hog)
  • Roast Garlic
  • Fionna's Roasted Carrots
  • Roast Norman Parsnips
  • Italian style Baklava

    (We’ll be cooking hot dogs and mac & cheese for the kids who are not so adventurous to eat feast. )

    Here are some of the ingredients and their possible allergens:
    Cheese Goo
    Cream Cheese

    Butters and breads
    Yeast breads
    Italian herbs

    Ham Quiche

    Beef Stew
    Asst seasonal vegetables
    Ale may be a component of the broth

    Smoked fish

    Tzatziki sauce
    Kefla Cheese

    Viking flatbreads
    Wheat, Barley, Oat and Rye flour

    Roast beast

    Roast Garlic
    Olive oil

    Roasted carrots
    Red wine
    Garum (This is fish sauce so it contains fish)
    Green beans
    Green beans
    Italian seasonings

    Roast Parsnips

    phyllo pastry

    (We’ll be cooking hot dogs and mac & cheese for the kids who are not so adventurous to eat feast. )

Come and enter the Barony's Argent Anniversary A&S competition. Minimal documentation required. If you need more information on what is required please contact me at In Service H.L. Devin Phelan O'Donabhain

There will be two brewing competitions held simultaneously. The first is the traditional Braumeister of the Fort Championship. The second will be for the Signature Mead in celebration of the Argent Anniversary. The winner will have their recipe named as the Signature mead of the Barony and it will be replicated for future celebrations. Minimum documentation required for both competitions is an ingredient list, although additional documentation is encouraged (up to 10 points on judging). Judging will be done using the IKBG Judging form. Any questions may be directed to me:

In humble service,
Ld. Stephan Wilhelm Steger
Braumeister of the Fort
Barony of Raven’s Fort

The competition shall consist of two rounds, where performers are invited to bring their best pieces.  There are no style requirements, but additional points from the judges may be garnered by providing documentation for pieces and for performing pieces themed to Argent/Silver, in honor of the barony’s anniversary.  From the two rounds, the judges shall deliberate and select 2-3 finalists, who will perform in a third round that evening during feast.

Ok...traditional Ravensfort challange-style tourney.  Each fighter will have the opportunity to challange each lyst participant in each weapon style. A final round featuring those fighters with the most challange wins in each weapon style will determine the next Cavalier of the Fort.

Initial rounds will consist of four separate single elimination tournaments run simultaneously.  Combatants may choose to enter any number of the four fields.  The winner of each field will be awarded a place in the final tournament.  Should one fighter win all four fields that fighter will win the tournament.  Fields will consist of the following weapon styles:

Sword and Shield
Pole Weapon not to exceed 6 feet. The Weapon must have clearly defined and shaped head, not simple taped rattan.
9 Foot Spear
Two Handed Sword: Not to exceed 6 feet

Final round will consist of the winners of each field, the top 2 fighters who were not field winners (points combined from each field entered) and 2 fighters chosen by the Baron and Baroness.  These 8 fighters will fight best 2 out of 3 single elimination bring your best weapon.

Greetings unto the Stellar Populace of Ansteorra! Upon the splendid fields of Southern Ansteorra this September 19th – 21st, their Sable Winged Excellencies Pasquale and Giovanna Baron and Baroness of Raven’s Fort will choose their Archery Champion. Come and test your mettle against the best our Kingdom has to offer. Rest assured your skills will be tested no matter if you be a crossbowman or handbowman. We have several ends designed to test your skills against a variety of targets, i.e. wreaths, animals and even a Combat Archery round to make sure our Champion can defend no matter what the field of battle may be. The Combat shoot will be a standard IKCAC round. It will require that you have combat legal bow/crossbow, ammo, head and hand appropriate armour (be that rapier or heavy weapons forms). We look forward to seeing the best Ansteorra has upon the fields of glory that our gracious hosts are providing. HL Padraic of Kilkenny CAO

All entrants in the competition may earn up to 5 points that will contribute to their team score. The competition will consist of at least 5 challenges.

Additional challenges will be set before any competitor wishing to be considered for the next Chevalier of the Fort, Ravensfort’s Equestrian Champion. Their Champion will be selected from among the entrants based on criteria set forth by Their Excellencies.

The Equestrian Competitions will take place in the morning with the afternoon for jousting, games, fun, training and sharing.

Prepare your steeds, prepare yourselves, join a team and join your fellow equestrians at Ravensfort’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations.

For more information contact
Claire at 512-567-2124

Silver Drum Bebe
Laurie & Sandra Woodruff
Soaps and miscellanous things

Armoured Turtle Armory
Roger Kennedy

Bayou City Treasures
David Emissario
Jewelry and wares



Vendors and Merchants who would like to set up shop at our Argent Anniversary can contact our Vendor coordinator:

Keridwen O'Comhraidhe and my

All attending must sign in either at the gate or with the Event Steward after Gate closes on Saturday. Everyone must have their site token with them at all times.

Site Fees:
Adult (18+): $10.00
Teens (12−17): $8.00
Kids (6-11): $5.00
Children 0−5: Free
Family Max: $30
Non−Member Surcharge is $5.00
Please make checks payable to “SCA Inc., Barony of Raven’s Fort”

Feast Fees:
Adult $5.00
Children up to 11 $3.00

To get to the Stones of Raven’s Fort:
(30d 39' 10.02" N, 95d 26' 24.27" W) 
Take I−45 to Huntsville, Texas.  Go east on U.S. 190 through town.  
Turn right onto FM 2929 (south). 
After crossing FM 2296, go past the railroad tracks & around a long curve. 
Immediately after crossing the low concrete bridge turn left into the gate of the V−Bar Ranch & the Stones of Raven’s Fort... look for the SCA signs.

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Event Stewards:

Brian du Val
(936) 295-4671

Lady Mirabelis


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