Baronial news

Greetings Good Gentles All, 
We just thought we would let you all know that Lord Ean finally got to go home from the hospital. He is doing fantastic! He will need some physical therapy, but otherwise he is doing great. Thank you again to all those who stepped forward to help save his life! You all are truly heros!
Great Barony of Raven’s Fort! War of the Rams is a few weeks away! If you need any help getting prepared, please let us know so that we all may lend a helping hand. They are also calling for help with gate and artisans to teach their crafts.
Would you like to camp with the barony at War of the Rams? We want you all to know we are planning to have a Raven’s Fort camp. If you would like to camp with our barony, please let us know your tent size so that we can reserve you a spot. Please contact our land agent is Lady Angelica; she can be contacted at Please put War of the Rams 2016 in the subject line.
H.E. Gavin is our gracious event steward for War College in February! He has some positions filled, but still needs help in certain areas. Please ask him where you can lend a hand. He gave a glimpse of his plans for War College, and it sounds amazing! We can’t wait!
Raven Fort’s yule is upon us. We are asking our barony members to please check around and let us know of some places we can possibly hold our yule. Please email the baron, baroness, or seneschal with possible places along with the cost of the venue. Our theme for yule is Unity! We also would like to have another dessert contest. The desert contest is to bring your best! Make what you consider your specialty!
     If any of you should have questions, concerns, or need assistance with anything, please feel free to contact us via email. See you all soon!

Yours in Service to Crown and Barony,
Elrique de Netterville and Sarah Róís Netterville
Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort