Baron & Baroness

Greetings Great Barony of Raven’s Fort,
Wow what a fantastic event Defender of the Fort turned out to be!!! Thank you to everyone who had a hand in making it such a fantastic event!!! We have so many people to thank!!! If we miss anyone, our apologies as it takes so many to run an event! Thank you to HL Calena and Lady Laurie for being the event stewards for this event! Thank you to Lady Eva for a scrumptious feast! Master Haraldr for running gate for us on such short notice! Lady Angelica thank you for running our entourage as well as doing all your official MOC activities! You helped to be a part of making our barony more family oriented (a vision we have had for some time)! Thank you M’Lord Mikolos for helping your lovely wife do all the things! Thank you to you both for working entourage in addition to Lady Elsie and Lord Gaius! You all did a fantastic job of taking care of us! Thank you to Lady Cherish for running water bearing like boss! Thank you to Lord Vlod for the Roman wall, banners, and filling all the water tanks! Thank you to those that took the time out to sit a gate shift! Thank you to those that helped in the kitchen: setting up, serving, and/or cleaning up! We’d like to thank a group of teenagers who did a whole lot of running m’lady Bella Donna, m'lord Lucius, m'lord Akihiro, m'lord Jackob, and m'lord Elvin! Thank you to Lord Guais and Lady Elsie for running boffer! Thank you to Lady Dianna and Baroness Rixede for running youth rapier activities! Thank you to Don Brian for running the youth and adult bardic! All of you coming together to help in growing the children’s areas make our heart sing! Thank you to Lady Mary and team for running the archery range for us! Thank you to Lord Stephan and Lady Klar for pitching in down at the archery range so that you can better run our baronial archery! Thank you to His Highness Lochlan for taking time away from his official duties to come run the chivalric activities for the day and for serving as our champion for two years! You have been ever so gracious to us and our barony, and we would like to say thank you for all that you do! Thank you to Lord Alister for running the rapier activities for the day! Congratulations on your elevation to the order of the White Scarf Don Alister! Thank you to Lady Laurie for running the A&S competition! Thank you to those that had damage and came out to work and play anyway! We deemed this as an event for healing. We truly hope that it was as much for you as it was for us. Thank you to those that donated to the SCA Disaster Relief (a little over $500 was raised), and those that donated to our barony (We raised a little over $300)! Even with all the crazy things that Hurricane Harvey threw at Ansteorra we persevered! Now that Defender of the Fort 2017 is in the history books, we will be getting to work on Raven’s Fort Yule and Raven’s Fort War College!
Our event steward for War College will be Lady Seneca Filia Decimus! Thank you, Lady Seneca, for serving the barony in so many offices and now event steward! A calendar has been added to the Quoth (yes, an actual calendar) and the website. If you would like an event added to the calendar of the following month, please email the activity, time, date, and address to the chronicler by the 25th of the month before the event. Normal monthly baronial activities with details are on the calendar already. The kingdom events are listed, but you must check the kingdom website for details on those events. Thank you all again for all that you do to make Raven’s Fort shine bright in Ansteorra!
If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please contact us!
In Service to the Crown and Barony,
Elrique de Netterville and Sarah Róís Netterville
Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort
(MKA- Charles Netterville and Molly Netterville)