Hello everyone!  

As many of you know, our newsletter is monthly, and will be available for disbursement by the first of each month. It will be available online, via our website and (unofficial) facebook page, email (let me know if you need added to the Raven’s Fort email list), or a paper copy can be sent upon request.

In order to make it as dynamic and informative as possible, I am requesting that all officers and guild leaders, as well as anyone wishing to submit artwork, recipes, or interesting articles, to have their submissions in by the 25th of each month, 9pm.  If you are working on something but have not yet finished, please let me know by the 25th and I will try to make it happen!

If you are interested in submitting photos, articles, or other creative works releases are REQUIRED.  You may find the releases as follows:
1. Photographer Release – for the person who TOOK the photo -
2. Model Release – for the recognizable people IN the photo -
3. Creative Release – for art, articles, and other creative works -

I will also be updating the calendar (semi-monthly on the website and monthly within The Quoth).  If you have any proposed calendar items (SCA related, of course), please be sure to submit the request timely, as it may take a few days to be reflected on the calendar.

Any questions, suggestions, calendar items, submissions or releases, can be sent to

Yours in Service,
Lady Seneca of Raven’s Fort