Rapier melees and scenarios ran by Southern Rapier Commander Marie de Girau (Gia Hoover). She will inform everyone of what the melees and scenarios are in morning court.

Torchlight Tourney

The Rapier Torchlight Tourney will be fought in 4 rounds, with all fighters advancing through the tourney. This means if you are eliminated from a round you are not eliminated from the tourney. The fighter that wins the most rounds will be the overall winner. In the event that there needs to be a 5th round that will be left up to me and the list mistress/master to have fun with.

First Round: Ring of Fire

The fighters will form a ring and when lay on is called the fight is on to the last fighter alive wins the round. A fighter may not attack the fighter to their immediate left or right at the time lay on is fist called.

Second Round: King of the Hill

The winner of the first round will start out as the king of the hill. This will be a bear pit style fight and the winner will be the fighter that holds the hill the longest amount of time. This is a timed round and will last for 45 minutes.

Third Round: Continuous Wounds

The fighter will be eliminated from this round when he/she is killed. Any wounds that are received will remain in effect to the round is over or the fighter is killed. This round will be fought to only one fighter is alive

Fourth Round: Judicial First Blood

In this round the goal is to wound your opponent, not kill them. An example would be to take an arm, leg, or hand, to win the bout. Depending on the number of fighters this will be a single or double elimination round. It should be noted that if you kill your opponent you are both score a loss, the same goes for double kills.